As a child I always had loads of animals, the usual cats, dogs, rabbits, mice and gold fish and a pet tortoise called Cedric Endor Danial Ignatus Aldridge. Cedric although not a salt water tortoise had been washed down the storm water pipes that empty into the sea and my neighbours saw him in the water at the beach and brought him home….he would disappear into the garden every year and not be seen for months then as soon as we got a warm day out he would come and wonder what all the fuss was after looking for him and thinking he had made it back down to the water as we lived right on the beach.

It was not practical for us to have chooks but I always loved farm animals, all animals really and when I had the chance to get some girls of my own………almost 50 years later I fullfilled my childhood dream.

I had no idea about keeping chickens, not really, I knew they had to have roosts and boxes to lay their eggs in, always freshwater and plenty of green feed and chook food. Chook is another word for chicken in Australia, probably because they sound as if they are saying chook chook.

We had decided that a wood fire was getting too much to handle, it was heavy dirty work so after we finally cleared the wood shed of its last red gum we converted it into a lovely chook house. I made chook accessories like shade cloth blinds to keep them out of the draft at night and bring the sun in in the the mornings. Being down the bottom of the yard it was right near the old Hills Hoist so I covered that too! it gave summer filtered shade and with the winter sun coming from the north at an angle it warmed their little cockles not to mention to catch the occassional branch that would fall from the gum trees that surround the chook house.

I will have some photos for you as soon as I get my act together, please look back and I will tell you my story and it might help you decide if you would like chickens too.